SEO for E-commerce Businesses

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SEO for E-commerce businesses is very important. So, you have found a product and are looking for a way to market it?   Whether this is a product of your own, or you are looking to resell someone else’s you need to start working on the SEO of your company right away.  SEO for E-commerce takes a lot of time, depending on the industry.  If your url is new, you will have to work on building the trust of your brand.  This can be done by working within the social media platforms and advertising.  

Since SEO for E-commerce does take some time, this shouldn’t be the only thing you are doing to bring clients into your website.  You should look at putting your products into Google Shopping, which is free at the moment, advertising and building your brand’s audience on social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook are good places to start.  Pinterest is another amazing place to advertise by building up boards with your products on them.  From there, start to join as many group boards that pertain to your products as necessary.  This will allow you to get you in front of people.  By simply working with software and Pinterest you will see sales from that as your other advertising efforts.  We work with companies to do this for you.  You don’t want to be sitting at your computer pinning all-day but working on other aspects of your business.

Marketing your Business

When you begin a business and get that website built and the products in, this can be a very exciting time in life.  You have a web presence, now you need to fill it with shoppers.  Finding those shoppers can be frustrating at first but don’t give up.  Hire the experts that will help you along the way.  Understand that you will need to learn some form of marketing yourself in the beginning.  This is unless you have another job that can support hiring the professionals right off the bat, most do not.  So, you will have to take over some aspects of your marketing whether it be the social media ads or putting together Pinterest marketing.  

SEO marketing can be learned from various places on the web.  However, it does certainly take more time to learn than say your social media ads.  Google Shopping is another place that you can do on your own, which is pretty self-explanatory but might take you a few weeks to master.  

SEO for E-commerce is getting your website at the top of search engines.  This needs to be done for both On-page and off-page SEO.  There are two separate areas that most SEO agencies work with.  On-page SEO is what content you have on your page.  This could be another portion that you take on yourself to save money.  On-Page SEO is the content, the articles, product descriptions and landing pages that are important to your brand and keywords.  This helps the traffic know what you sell and navigate around your website.  

Great user experience.

You want your traffic to have a great user experience, once you start seeing traffic.  Traffic will come from ads at first but soon you will see traffic from the SEO efforts as well.  SEO is considered the marathon, while Ads are considered the sprint.  SEO takes longer but you cast a much larger net.  

When setting up ads, you target certain keywords that are important for people to find your website. This process limits how many ads you can run to the overall cost.  It will not pick up relevant keywords but only what matches your ad exactly.  This will limit how you come up to the people looking for your types of products.  

You will need to do keyword research.  Or have your SEO agency perform one.  This will show what people use to find your products.  These are sometimes super simple but we miss the good ones because areas will search differently than other areas as well.  For example, some people will search for “Boston Donut Shop”, while others will search for “Donut Shop Boston”.  While your SEO rankings will show up for both, most likely, around the same position.  Your ads will only show up for the phrase you are running the ad for.  See how limiting that can be?

Show up in search engines.

SEO for your E-commerce will help you show up on search engines to people that are actually looking to purchase your product. Give them a reason to! For example, educate them, especially if your product is a bit more costly or if it is more complex than say a bottle of perfume. However, even perfume can provide some education. Talk about your ingredients and why they are so wonderful. Compare your products within your store, so the people buying will have the “top 10 reasons this product is the one for you!”. Start an active community on social media.  The number one spot in Google is said to have a 31.7 click-through rate. While this number goes down as you go down the page. Be sure that you are targeting relevant people that are looking to purchase with the proper keyword phrases.  

SEO marketing is far more effective than marketing on TV, radio, print, and other traditional means. While most people head on over to Amazon to find their next purchase, there are still one in five that use Google as their way to find their next purchase. Many people like to avoid Amazon and support smaller family-owned companies. Finding them on Google is important to them. If you have a story about how your business came about, be sure to put that on your about page.  This helps capture these types of thinkers and convert them to your customer.

Improve your return on investment with SEO.

SEO is something that not all business owners want to invest in. However, it is the best return on investment and will carry your business long term. Paid ads are great to get started but are costly and as soon as they stop, so does your flow of traffic. Be sure while you are running ads and even while working with the businesses SEO that you have some way to capture the emails of your customers. This will allow you to create audiences in social media advertising as well as you can start to remarket and advertise to them with an email software of your choice.

Google is the most popular search engine to target for your SEO. Most people these days are searching from their phones and their phones come with Chrome installed. However, there are a few that use other search engines as well. These others are typically older and are using their computers to search, which comes with Bing installed. Most of the time if you are ranking decently on Google, you will be in Bing as well. Focus on making your pages easy to maneuver with a phone and shorten the number of clicks one has to perform to get to the checkout. People want instant gratification, so ensure that your shipping times are as short as possible and be upfront on what the shipping cost is. These are some simple tips that we have seen to improve the overall customer experience and thus sales.

A level playing field.

The search engines do not care if you are a multi-million dollar company or a start-up. You need to take the same steps in order to maximize your SEO potential. Without SEO you are leaving a large amount of money on the table. It has been analyzed by companies that are up in the search engines versus their other means of marketing and the sales from organic searches are the highest overall.  

While you can capture traffic with paid ads, the companies that come up at the top of search engines are more trusted. This means that the people that visit them, already have a sense of trust for that company. To someone that knows nothing about marketing, that company is showing up on the search engine that they trust to deliver them to reputable companies.

Gain Trust in your market.

There is a reason that they feel these top positions are reputable companies because Google has worked hard in their algorithms to ensure that they actually are. You will need to build trust with Google by having a number of backlinks coming into your website. Social signals are when someone likes or shares your social media content.  This can be done by putting your products on social media, including Pinterest. This naturally happens when people like and share your product, so be sure that you have amazing images that are in favor of sharing. You may need to put your product into action as a video to grab more attention.

Basically, with SEO you get more exposure, more traffic, more leads and more sales overall. While doing this you are gathering their email addresses to remarket to them as help you build your marketing audiences for paid ads. This is a loop that will continue as you expand out your keywords and build up your business’s reputation.  Building and expanding your marketing over time will build the business you have always dreamed of.